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Do you own or manage a UK business that would benefit from effective cross promotion with Us?




We are currently looking for Partners who may be able to help us enhance our future service offerings, as we will be adding a premium level option to our 'Modelling Services' packages!

We are particularly interested in brands or individuals working in Beauty, Fashion and Hair styling, who would enjoy the benefits of cross promotion; via a Service Based Referral Scheme designed to support collaborative working.

The immediate benefits for our Partners include advertorial access to our ever growing client group, a first option for the use of our 'Exclusivity Models' in promotional materials developed alongside the N Anthony Mason team, a direct link to your preferred online presence, and the use of exclusive imagery for your website and social media campaigns!

We have many more 'magical' benefits currently resting up our sleeve, but we want to share these details directly with those expressing an interest in a potential Partnership, first.

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