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Previous working experiences with the N Anthony Mason photographic team, shared by collaborators and participants of previous work.

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We Have Been Blessed To Develop Alongside Some Amazing People.

The following words of endorsement are from those that have worked with us before. We hope their testimonies present you with a fair portrayal of the people behind the brand.



"Neil & Natalie have the biggest kindest hearts and are so much fun to work with! They always make you feel confident and comfortable, both on and off camera!!!" 

Amber Thorpe

(Model & Equestrian)


"I have worked with Neil & Natalie since I was 16, firstly by assisting on shoots and finally becoming the lead makeup artist. I can honestly say that they are so humble and fun to work with. Besides being the best at what they do, they also help teach and guide you to be the best you can be too!"

Olivia Tella

(Make-Up Artist)

 Model features hairstyling by Angelina Rinaldi.

Model features hairstyling by Angelina Rinaldi.

"I've worked with the team behind N Anthony Mason on a fair few shoots over the years, styling hair for their models. I can honestly say it's been such a pleasure to work with them! They are such an amazing team to work with and they helped me with my confidence, inspiring me to be the best hairstylist I can be!! When you are on set with them, you feel like a family and it makes working with them such a dream. Getting to see the finished product just makes it even more worthwhile!"

Angelina Rinaldi



"I've had the pleasure of working with the team on several occasions through model coaching, fashion shows and portfolio development. Always a pleasure to work with, very professional, very dedicated and incredible imagery!" 

Nathan Smith

(Model & Professional Creative)


"I really enjoyed being photographed by both Neil & Natalie. They made it a lot of fun for me and I felt very comfortable working with them both. I loved the ideas that they came up with for the photoshoots and I always enjoyed the final results"

Isla Smith

(Youth Model)


"Easily the best vocational experience of my life! Fun, educational & enlightening, plus I have the most amazing images that I will treasure forever! If you truly want to learn how to model (for real), these guys are the ONLY team you want to train you. You won't be disappointed!"

Jodi Delande

(Fitness Model & Brand Ambassador)


"Very professional, very patient and very good; Neil & Natalie make a great team who continually strive to produce great work!"

Parris Robbo

(Lyricist & Performer)


"I first met Neil & Natalie almost a decade ago as I had begun crafting my skill behind the camera. I feel like without their dedication and support (not only in my career, but alongside those that have also worked with them), I would not have gained the foundation of self, or developed the fundamentals for understanding most of the things that life has since thrown at me! Their willingness to help, train, develop and seek constant innovation is an inspiration, and it is a vital part of what has led them to create the venture they are a part of today. I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to work with both of them (behind and in front of the camera) and I would have no issue recommending their expertise to industry professionals, aspiring & established models, or to business clients who are in need of accurate visual consultancy. They make a great team and I am sure we will continue to see a great deal of creativity and innovation from them both in the future!"

Valeriya Paliy

(Marketing Professional & Model)


"Neil & Natalie have always been extremely supportive of myself & my work within the music industry. Collectively the pair are highly professional & respectful. Their creativity, passion and commitment shines through which makes the work they produce special and unique." 

Jade Mayjean

(Singer/Songwriter & Entertainer)


"I have never worked with such professional photographers, ones that know how to make you feel empowered and strong! The outcome from my shoots have always left me feeling so positive and beautiful. N Anthony Mason shoots are about empowering the individual and showcasing an art form. I see Neil and Natalie as true artists in the photographic industry, and they show this truth beautifully throughout their work! Hard work certainly appears to have paid off!"

Salumé Van Tankeren

(Pro-Enthusiast Model)


"I first met and got to work with Neil & Natalie while signed to their agency. They provided me with a highly professional standard of model coaching & portfolio development. Through working with them I established a wide commercial portfolio, regularly took part in professional photoshoots, fashion shows & model enrichment events! Alongside their years of industry knowledge, they operate with a strong work ethic & provide the highest standard of professionalism. Neil & Natalie are an incredible team to work with!"

Victoria Easlea



"From the moment I was recommended to work with an agency that Neil had co-founded; I felt more like a family member than an agency model. To say Neil & Natalie supported my modelling career would be an understatement. Not only did they work on bespoke marketing strategies for me, they worked alongside me on both national and regional media campaigns which were continually successful. I always felt safe and well managed, with not only the encouragement and support of Neil & Natalie, but from their whole team! I'm so excited to see what the future holds for these guys they truly deserve the world!"

Becki Pearson

(Model & Beauty Therapist)


"I would just like to say that our experience with Neil & Natalie during the model coaching with my daughter has been an amazing learning experience. Professional whilst making it fun!"

Francesca Quinn



"I met Neil & Natalie at the start of my career, which was also the start of theirs! I felt equally as comfortable with them from my very first shoot to my very last. Working with them was always fun and relaxed, thanks to the comfortable environment that they create. They are amazing photographers with great vision and knowledge! I am always glad that I got to work with them but I am even happier to call them my friends!"

Hayley Sams

(Beautician & Retired Model)


"I have been working with Neil & Natalie for just over a year now through a 'Exclusivity' variant of their model coaching option. They are both so professional, and I've learnt so much during the process of working with them. Not only have they boosted my self-confidence, but we have had so much fun on shoots and enjoyed much laughter together! They have become good friends as a result. I really love working with them!" 

Abbey Barwick

(Pro-Enthusiast Model & Event Manager)


"Working with Neil enhanced the vision I had for how my woven textiles would be captured and displayed. This led to his team producing beautiful images that my degree show would have been incomplete without. Neil was patient, professional and he shared my enthusiasm for the project - I can't wait for an excuse to work with them again! Thank you guys!" 

Amy Orchard King

(Textile Designer & Brand Owner)


"When I worked with Neil and his team, he was so friendly and really made me feel at ease when we were on location for our photoshoots. They are really good at making sure you always feel comfortable. Natalie was equally fantastic and continued to be a great support throughout my time working with them!" 

Jade Skill

(Competition Finalist)


"I have been lucky enough to work with these guys throughout my whole modelling career, everything is always out at ease, their fast working speed is always a plus & the results speak volumes!"

Nikki Lee



"I have known Neil for many years now. I got the opportunity to do a few photoshoots with him and walk in a UK fashion show. He is fantastic to work with, very professional and makes you feel at ease. He was very supportive and had such a great knowledge of how to approach training and it really helped to build my confidence. Both Neil & Natalie have such amazing work to prove what great talent they have. This coupled with their passion for photography and an all-round positive attitude makes both of them great to work with."

Charlotte Moore

(Retired Model)


"It was a pleasure working with you guys! It is great to see how things have evolved, due to the hard work and determination of you both. I wish you all the luck for the future."

Sophie Beaumont

(Retired Youth Model)


"I felt completely natural on shoots with Neil & Natalie due to the positive and creative energy they make. For something that would normally be far out of my comfort zone, such as lingerie and body-natural shoots. When working with them, I always fully trust them because their desire to produce truly beautiful art is clearly at the core."

Sarah Grover

(Pro-Enthusiast Model) 


"After meeting these guys, I can tell you they are amazing! They make training feel so comfortable! If I hadn't met them, I really don't think I would be as confident in myself as I am now!!"

Jade Price

(Pro-Enthusiast Model)


"Neil was my first agent and he helped me build up the confidence in my modelling. 
I have known both Neil & Natalie for over 10 years now and have enjoyed how their work has grown.
So happy to have been given so many opportunities with them, and I look forward to joining more ventures in the future!"

Lisa Jayne

(Fitness & Lifestyle Model)


"I have had the pleasure of working with Neil & Natalie since 2012 when I entered a modelling competition. They have always been extremely supportive and have taught me a lot over the years. They are an inspiration, both as people and professionally within their field. I hope to continue working with them in their new venture and wish them all the luck in the world!"

Nicki Dolphin

(Creative Stylist & Retired Model)


"Neil & Natalie are professional and friendly, they made me feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera and enabled me to believe in myself"

Alison Aldridge

(Retired Model & Professional Writer)


"Working with Neil is always a great experience. He has the ability to amalgamate his natural artistic aptitude with his unique style of photography to produce some truly incredible work. He encapsulates everything that is associated with a top-class photographer and has an incredible passion for what he does. I would describe him as an extremely conscientious, intelligent and a highly-focused individual, who strives to be the best at what he does. As well as his unquestionable talent, Neil is also extremely friendly and very well-mannered; a true professional. When working with him as a model, he always ensures I am comfortable in my surroundings whenever we are shooting. Neil has a keen eye for good locations which always helps to achieve the best images possible."

Jordan Barrow

(Actor/Model & Legal Professional)


"I have been a big supporter of the 'N Anthony Mason' brand and I have always been personally impressed with Neil, Natalie & their talented team. Having worked with them on several styling opportunities and sought their skills in support of our marketing drives, I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who would benefit from utilising their unique and impressive talents!"

Zeaur Rahman

(Managing Director - Baba Z)


"A pleasure to work alongside! Inspirational creatives, great business minds and truly good people! A breath of fresh air in a world too full of marketing pollution." 

Reece Selvadorai

(Managing Director - Grade A Productions)


"I worked with Neil & Natalie for many years, modelling and developing younger models. They are incredibly passionate, creative and supportive, but above all they are inspirational in their professionalism. They nurture people to be the best they can be and are always striving to further their own knowledge and skills."

Sara Maxfield

(Retired Model Coach)


"Neil & Natalie are some of the nicest people to have behind a camera. Shoots were made enjoyable and exciting! They made me feel confident on camera, as well as off camera. I honestly couldn't think of nicer people to work with." 

Bethany Smith

(Beauty Therapist & Retired model)


"I have a lot to thank these guys for. Not just for the great experience, but for helping me with my confidence, on and off camera. Not only are they very professional, but they have the ability to adapt to each individual, making the experience more personal. Our shoots were always great fun & it has been an absolute pleasure to work with both of them! Im very excited to see what the future holds for them!" 

Bronya Haynes

(Fashion Designer)


"I had an excellent experience working with Neil & Natalie; they were professional, friendly and put me at ease. Very pleased with the outcome of working with them and cannot recommend them highly enough!" 

Melissa Day

(Managing Director - Niroshini Holistic Health & Beauty)


"It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a well rounded team of professionals creating something special. They have a very creative eye and have a way of making everyone feel at ease. I strongly recommend using their services!" 

Kamal Mamedov

(Fitness Model & Social Media Influencer)


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